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The sketch always ended with Kiki singing her "Forever and Ever" song and Fran knocking herself unconscious so that she wouldn't have to hear Kiki sing.Alisa Reyes mentioned at the 2011 Comikazee Panel that this was her favorite sketch.

Dan Schneider played Ed's frequently irritated boss Mr.

" Despite his oddities, Perot does occasionally give Earboy good advice, and the teenage freak often comes out ahead.

Appearances The Island Girls starred Lori Beth Denberg and Alisa Reyes as Fran and Kiki, two girls who were stranded on a deserted island after Kiki's boat collided with Fran's boat as seen in the theme song that is a spoof of Gilligan's Island.

Fran desperately wanted to escape the island and often devised ways to reach civilization.

Unfortunately, the happy-go-lucky (and stupid) Kiki would constantly end up ruining Fran's ideas.

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