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"It released a wave of sweet, unforgettable fragrance," he said yesterday."Nearly 80 years later that same ancient aroma can still take me back to that moment." Today the television gardener has become a Member (AM) of the General Division of the Order of Australia. Called up by the military in World War II, he served with the British Parachute Regiment in Europe and the Middle East.Mr Bannon quit as premier and treasurer in September 1992 after the state's biggest financial controversy, the State Bank collapse.

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Going outside in tears after an altercation with his mother, he had become curious about the object in front of him.

Transfield was founded in the 1950s by Guido's father, Franco Belgiorno-Nettis, who was appointed a Companion in the Order of Australia (AC) 10 years ago.

The award is also in recognition of Guido's support for the arts.

Cundall had a poverty-stricken but not unhappy childhood. He took time when he could to visit gardens, especially after the war.

In 1946 he inadvertently strayed in Yugoslavia, was arrested as a spy and thrown into a lice-infested cell for six months.

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