Flirt 4live

Manu loses his cool again at Rohan, and Bani comes in between them to stop them from fighting.

The argument ensued over Om Swami disturbing Rohan from eating his food. All of Priyanka’s efforts to calm Rohan down go in vain. Nitibha talks to the camera and says she is confident that she will be able to keep her secret, a secret.

At the end of argument, Manu calls out Baba of having double standards.

Celebs are called in the activity room for the second puzzle of the weekly task. Gaurav reads on the instruction manual of the task which further clarifies that commoners can indeed make them work so much that they don’t get time to ask.

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Gauarav and Akansha flirt a little in the bathroom.I mean she leaves no opportunity to treat the celebs in the house with condescending remark.Just the other day she told Gaurav Chopra that she is unaware of any of his work, which was so uncalled for.On the other hand, celebs are angry at commoners for the way they are being treated. Wow Gaurav turned out to be the knight in shining armour for the contestants.Gaurav even went on to hide the ‘hukum ki ghanti’ to save himself and fellow celebrity contestants from the orders by commoners. So here is what is happening on episode 3 of Bigg Boss 10, as it is happening-Celebs including Monalisa, Bani, Gaurav confront commoners for wasting food.

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