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In the dream I was walking through the woods out by the Pearl Lakes, and there was this very strong wind, but only around me. They were very rough and he held them out to me as he sang.

His beard didn't blow in the wind because the wind was only around me. so I leaned in, and I said I'm going to make you feel real good .

Mom nearly had a heart attack when she saw me underneath the pony's legs to find out if it was a boy or a girl.

I barely had to look to find out that it was a boy. She was beginning to get me pretty hot, which I didn't think would happen but it helped, because the feelings just worked together just clicked.

Mom doesn't know her little girl the way she thinks she does, hmmm? I decided his name should be Troy, like the pony in Mrs. Zippy, who works at the stables, said he would make a nameplate for me that says TROY in big letters, and he'll hang it right in front so that everyone will know his name when they see him. I opened her and I told her she was pretty, did she know that?

Troy is still too young to ride, but in two months I'll be able to get on and just race through the fields! On the way home from the stables Dad said that Troy and I have the same birthday, because when a pony is given as a gift to someone who will love him, they share everything. I'm glad I don't know where he came from, because this way, it is almost as if Heaven sent him down just for me. I have had nightmare after nightmare and have finally chosen to avoid sleeping altogether. Before I had even touched her she wanted me to know her name .

Mom couldn't believe it when she saw it and she started asking Dad how he managed to do it without anyone knowing.

Dad said it would ruin the surprise if she knew, and he's right.

One night last year I had such an awful dream that the whole next day in school, I couldn't work. Now every time I go to the stove at the Haywards' when Donna and I help with dinner, Mrs.

And so when he stopped the wind with his hands like that, I thought he was letting me free, letting me go home.

Then I had to look down because there was this heat between my legs, not nice warm, but hot.

Donna thought I was going nuts because every time she said my name or touched my shoulder in class to pass a note, I jumped. hooted again, and then she says I giggled and rolled over and went back to sleep. She always tells people things like that when we have dinner parties with the Haywards or something. Hayward makes a joke about whether or not I realize that the stove is a stove and not a washing machine. These words come to you from the inside of a fort that Donna and Maddy and I built. All I need are rumors buzzing around that Ronnette and I are "seeing" each other every chance we get.

I wasn't going nuts, like Nadine Hurley or anything, but I was still feeling like I was in a dream. Dad went to pick her up at the station by himself because Mom wouldn't let him wake me. No dreams at all, except Mom says she heard me calling out to her and then I hooted like an owl! She said she came into my room and I was half asleep but I . Mom had been drinking the night she told that, so I forgave her. I don't suppose there is ever a time that parents stop being a source of constant embarrassment to their children. Maybe if I could stop doing stupid things in my sleep, she wouldn't have anything to tell people. Dad and Mom said it was okay as long as we stayed just out back. Mom would have to be sent to the Haywards', if not the hospital itself, and Dad, he'd most likely think we were talking about a new game .

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