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His hands are wide open and his coat is flapping in the wind. He lets a pack of cards fall and there is a commotion on the street.When he comes back down he is wet through and his hands are frozen into claws. “I wanted to see it.” And somebody told him he couldn’t? That too.” David Blaine is 40 now and afraid of becoming complacent. That hunger, that curiosity, that desire that creates the ultimate passion to do something new.” Talk of hunger drives us to his hotel, where he orders steak tartare, salad and toast.That’s why it’s crucial to learn how to build a brand story — one that’s unique to you and your company.If you’ve never considered the story behind your brand before, we’ll walk you through why it’s so important and how you can tackle it yourself — along with examples of retailers with strong brand stories for a little inspiration.By understanding others’ thoughts and feelings, we’re able to empathize.

“If they’ve never purchased from you before, branding and narrative is what will prompt them to take a chance on your brand.” When beginning your brand story, always start with the Think about the story around why your brand exists in the first place.“A good, strong brand message will resound creating consumer goodwill and draw more customers to a brand, sometimes customers that may otherwise not have tried the brand experience.” Great brand stories allow smaller retailers to attract new customers, even without a big marketing budget.“When done right, it creates a magical bond and develops a relationship past products,” Bennett says.“I’m going to try something new,” he says quietly, in a New York hipster drawl. He makes a pack vanish from under our noses, by riffling it in one hand. Blaine practises with the cards for eight hours at a time and astonishes people every day of his life. “Oh, I think we can work something out,” says Blaine. Blaine is here to work on a secret project he hopes will be the crowning glory of his career.

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