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Other highlights include the Polynesian-tastic happy hour at See more.Ohana, the Rat Pack drink experience at the Rendezvous, and a rock show at the legendary Crocodile.That's great and all but when one-third of my pizza lacks any cheese or yummy stuff I'd say the execution is slightly off. Like all other Douglas restaurants, the ingredients are top notch and sometimes unusual--I never would have considered Meyer lemons on pizza until my visit to SP but ended up being surprisingly wonderful.Every detail of the space is meticulously gorgeous from the raw stone of the pizza oven to the composite cutting boards they're served on. The ambience is dark, romantic, ethnic and mysterious for the daters.Still, in this pizza battle Serious Pie just doesn't bring it. Besides offering a fun Polynesian theme (without all that pesky sunshine), Hula Hula is currently the best option in town for weekend karaoke. Well, shit, get a group together and go to Marrakesh right now. The pillows are plentiful so your bony, fat or old ass won't hurt when you're sitting on the ground.

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Make a meal out of one or two apps or share the love.Also notable: Crab and Corn Beignets and the House Poutine, which uses a cheesy sauce in lieu of traditional toppings.For even heartier fare, venture into the surf and turf laden entrees.And of course there are all those Tom Douglas places: Dahlia Lounge, Lola, Serious Pie, and Palace Kitchen--it seems like the list goes on and on.For more in the Top Chef vein, visit Ethan Stowell's Tavolata.

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