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It originally served as a primary affiliate of ABC and a secondary affiliate of the Du Mont Television Network, both of which had been affiliated with WDAF-TV (channel 4) on a part-time basis since that station signed on as the Kansas City market's first television station in October 1949.

The station originally operated from studio facilities located on East 31st Street in Kansas City, Missouri's Union Hill neighborhood.

KCTV previously served as the default CBS affiliate for the St.

Joseph market (which borders the northern portions of the Kansas City Designated Market Area) from June 1967 – when KQTV (channel 2, then KFEQ-TV) disaffiliated from CBS after a 14-year tenure as a primary affiliate of the network to become a full-time ABC affiliate – until June 1, 2017, when locally based KBJO-LD (channel 30, which concurrently became KCJO-LD) switched its primary affiliation from Telemundo to CBS.

To prevent such a situation from happening in Kansas City, CBS negotiated a deal with Meredith executives conditional on agreeing to keep the CBS affiliation on channel 5, in which the company would agree to switch WNEM-TV and KPHO-TV to the network.

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Under the terms of the deal, Meredith assumed responsibility for KSMO's advertising sales and administrative operations under a joint sales agreement that continued until the sale's closure.This article is about the CBS-affiliated television station in Kansas City, Missouri.For the North Korean state television channel, see Korean Central Television.The prospect of one of its strongest affiliates being courted by a rival Big Three network concerned CBS; New World planned to displace the network from stronger-performing VHF affiliates that the group had already owned or was in the process of purchasing in eight other markets to Fox, a situation that in most cases would force CBS to affiliate with either a former Fox affiliate or a lower-profile independent station.Many of the NBC- and ABC-affiliated stations and – with the exception of Dallas-Fort Worth and Phoenix – some higher-rated independents it approached for deals rejected CBS' offers to move its programming to those stations as the loss of NFL rights hampered its choices of replacement affiliates, exacerbating its existing problem of having a program slate that skewed towards an older audience than the other major broadcast networks that aided in CBS' ratings slide to third place nationally.

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