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The work of the Tribunal, for the most part, involves a process of reviewing and discerning the basis of such petitions.Who might need a declaration of nullity of their marriage?It could happen that one or both spouses were unable to create the quality of relationship necessary to establish this sacred bond.If the Church declares that a prior bond of marriage was not properly established, the parties are considered free to celebrate a new marriage in the church.

So the Catholic Church and its ministers are committed to be both "prophetic" (to teach what Jesus taught) and to be "pastoral" (to minister to those people whose marriages have ended in a civil divorce).A civil union existed, but the sacred bond of marriage was not validly established.In order for a marriage to be properly established, there must be certain requirements present in the individual who consents to marriage at the time of the wedding.As part of its fundamental teaching on marriage, the Catholic Church does not recognize divorce as ending the bond established in marriage, believing that marriage is binding until death. While the presumption always exists that a marriage is valid, either of the spouses has the right to ask the church to examine this presumption after common life has ceased, there is no hope of reconciliation, and a civil divorce has been obtained.Divorced Catholics may consider remarriage following a decree of nullity, commonly known as annulment.

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