Who is joni mitchell dating

But Joan remembers everything any critic said about her." At some point in 1975, Joni Mitchell and John Guerin became quietly engaged. "Joan designed them - gold, with a kind of hieroglyphic that meant 'lasting relationship' in some Eastern language." In November 1975, Joni flew to the East Coast to join Bob Dylan's Rolling Thunder Revue, where she met a playwright, sometime musician, film actor, self-styled cowboy named Sam Shepard.

Shepard and Joni were exactly two days apart in age; they both turned thirty-two during their time on the tour.

The album's internal photo showed her submerged in her Bel Air pool, and the Joni-painted cover - a mirage-like downtown L. in the backdrop of a surreal pea-soup-green mega lawn on which African tribesmen are carrying a long, snakelike communal drum.

Joni was leaving behind the confessionalism that had intensely defined Blue, For The Roses, and Court and Spark.

As she later put it in Refuge Of The Roads (one of her favorite of her own songs), he was the "friend of spirit" who "mirrored me back, simplified." He, too, saw their fit that way; "Joan's a very complicated person and I'm a pretty straightahead guy.

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By the end of 1974, she bought an elegant Spanish home built in 1929 atop a private Bel Air road.

It charted at # 2 and stayed there for four weeks, then went platinum, with over a million copies sold.

It received Grammy nominations for Album of the Year and Record of the Year (Help Me), and Joni for Best Pop Female Vocalist.

Car On A Hill has movie sound effects; "Make it sound like cars and traffic! John Guerin and Joni Mitchell began a romance during the making of Court And Spark.

Joni was only half out of her depression when they met, and John's down-to-earth (and hell-raising) quality seemed to pull her the rest of the way out.

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